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At Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Corp. we strive for excellence and precision. Every time. Every job.

Your Manufacturing Experts:

   We are a committed and a hard-working go-to manufacturing facility. Our facility is located in Ocala, Florida, and is equipped to perform a variety of services, including pipe welding, Millwright services and Complete Baler repair services.

   We at Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Corp. have the capability, experience and know-how to solve even your most complex manufacturing problems. We stand behind the services we offer and guarantee your satisfaction.

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What we have to offer:

CNC machining - A computer Numerical control. A computer converts the design produced by the software. The numbers are like coordinates of a graph, this controls the movement of the cutter. This is more accurate and precise.  

CNC machining

Stainless steal, Carbon steal, Aluminum, and more!

Millwright Services - Our job not only deals with pipe welding and CNC machining, here at Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Corp. we have a crew with the ability to set up machinery, and they maintain and care for the mechanical equipment. They are skillful, well trained, and good at what they do. We keep our customers 100% satisfied. 

Millwright services

Baler repair - Baler repairing has become a big thing. Our goal here at Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Corp. is to keep you satisfied, but not only that, to keep you informed and educated on the job. We do major repairs to these balers. This includes re-lining, gathering head repairs, blade seat repairs, and cylinder repairs. We also do blade adjustment, wiper repairs, single ram and dual ram machines. Installation is included as well. 

Baler repair

Complete Baler Repair

ASME Certified welding - We believe that everything we do needs to be done with the highest standards of quality. Our employees are ASME certified which is the most commonly used codes. This is used for qualifying welders, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Section IX and American Welding Society (AWS) D1.1. We specialize in pipe welding, structural fabrication, and specialty manufacturing. Our welders are some of the best.

Baler repair

For more information about the services we provide here at Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Corp. call our office today 352-629-1494.

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  Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Corp. is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

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